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This manual and DVD will teach you all of the techniques you need to know to start your own business in a very simple niche market, where you can make $100.00+ an hour!!!

It will teach you how to resurface bathtubs, ceramic tile, Formica, fiberglass,
cultured marble, and acrylic—and make chip repairs.

By ordering this product you can learn the business from your home and not have to travel
out of your state for the 2-3 days classes and pay all the expenses that trip will incur.
These 2-3 day classes alone can cost from $450.00 to $10,000.

You will be your own boss and not have to pay franchise fees or order any one product.
You can test all the products available online or through your local paint store. That way
you can see which product works for you and your team.

I started this business with less than $1,000.00 and the first year my company with
1 employee made $57,000. This link will take you to my company website and you can
look through it and email me with any questions

After reading through this manual and watching the DVD, everything else in the
business comes with practice, expertise, and common sense. The more you practice on
your own tub, and the tubs of your friends and families, you will be ready to start your

The cost of materials is relatively inexpensive, so you should make your initial investment
back after the first few jobs. I can’t even explain how great it feels to do your first job and
receive your first check. I still have mine framed in my office. The charge for one bathtub
was $454.00. The job took me 3 and ½ hours. You can’t make that kind of money at many jobs.

Starting a business like this is great even in a bad economy. This service is a very inexpensive way for people to update their homes, hotel managers to refresh their hotels, and apartment owners to get their next renter signed to a lease.